About us

Experience Tours was created out of a desire to offer our guests more! We were already offering great tours to our guests but knew that people would have a much better experience the more they “experienced” rather than just saw along the way.

There were many great experiences to be had around our region and so connecting these experiences with our guests was the only challenge. We decided that to truly offer the best experience possible on a day tour we needed to focus entirely on the interests and needs of our guests, and so the decision was made to offer only private tours was made.

This now enabled us to make the changes necessary to evolve our tours to encompass more experience and less mess around, we could now adapt our itinerary as needed and cater a day aimed directly at our guests needs and interests and also meant we could introduce the chance for guests to take part in some of the amazing experiences already on offer which without the flexibility of our tours may not be possible.

From the locations we visit, to the activities we offer, the regions we explore and the experiences along the way, we have put our wealth of experience and knowledge of Adelaide’s most stunning regions together to ensure you have the most enjoyable and unforgettable day of your entire vacation.

Please give us a try and have an experience for yourself!